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Saunter Together : Bob and Winn Oliver : 1975

The Saunter Together is a lovely old dance when danced correctly, very popular amongst social, easy and popular sequence dancers. It's often taught by Ballroom teachers as an introduction to Sequence Dancing.

The script here is currently under review and needs extra information added to ensure it prints correctly. You may try printing using "File>Print>" from the top left corner of your browser window, but this has not been tested for a valid print. Once the corrections have been made, I'll add the "Print This Page" button to make life easier for you. - - soon, - -

I have it as "Headings Only" and also as a "Full Script", print out whichever suits you best. The "Headings" will print onto a Standard record card to go into a File Card box. The "Full Script" you can print in different sizes - see Printing Tips for help with this.

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