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The Script you've asked for ------

The Script you've asked for isn't here on the website, however, it is featured in T.A. Whitworth's book entitled, "Learning the Essential Sequence Dances", a 1997 publication ISBN 0-9501927-7-5. You can find this on e-bay at prices from as little as $5.00 or around 3.00 in second user examples. A full price NEW copy retails at around $12.00 or 8.00, and the book contains some 80 odd scripta in either full or summarised format (headings only). Note that little information is given on Lady's steps in these scripts, but the book does also conatain other useful stuff for the Sequence Dancer about holds and hints on learning the dances.

I will be adding a lot of these scripts in full versions to the Sequence Scripts website as I can transpose my notes on them and expand them to include full Lady's steps where I can, so keep looking back if you need a full Man's and Lady's steps script for any of these dances. Meantime, if you can find a copy of the book to add to your library, I don't think you'll go too far wrong, although I'll do my best to make life easier for you by updating and placing them onsite.

If you have any old Sequence Scripts for Easy, Popular or Social Dances, they'll always be welcome. Send them as an attachment or a scan, or type them out, then I can add them to the web pages for other users.

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Use the same address for any requests for older social dances I don't have listed and I'll show them below as being Dances Wanted, perhaps someone may have a script to help you, me, and others.

Dances Wanted

Dances currently requested are "Edinburgh Mix", and "Desmond Blues" and "Waltz Alena". If you have a scripting or notes for these, use the email above to send me a copy or headings please?

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