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Tango Serida : Arranger Rita Pover : Date 1961

A popular Old Time Social, Sequence Dance, danced all over and well appreciated.

Considerable help with the scipting for this dance was given by various folks who kindly supplied Notes confirming differences and similarities to the notes already in my possession. Thanks to all, help is always welcome!

The help given by these Notes confirmed to me that describing Bars 14 to 16 in this dance is difficult on paper. If you have problems I can only suggest you search on YouTube or similar for a good demonstration of the ending, and study this together with the script to get a better idea of how it should be danced.

As always, if you know better, please advise and I will correct this page to reflect that information.

I have it as the "Full Script", and as "Headings".

Regional Variations

Note:- None Noted.

Headings Only -- to follow

Full Script


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