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Links to Other Sequence Dance Websites

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  Sequence Dancing.Co.Uk
  Worldwide Modern Sequence Dance Forum
  Sequence Dance Online
  Sequence Dance Online Open Forum
  MSD World
  Ballroom Moves  
  Alexandria's Dance  

Links to Easy, Social and Popular Sequence Dance Clubs

If you have a website for your Social, Easty and Popular Sequence Dance Clubs, send me an email and I'll put it in this table for others to find you. Links are supposed to help your website show up on Search Engines.

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Other Sequence Dance Links

The following websites supply Sequence Dance scripts for Modern Sequence Dances by subscription, and have libraries up to the present day. Older and easy Dances can usually only be purchased by existing subscribers. Often used by professionals, but also open to non-professionals to get scripts within hours of a competition for new dances ending.

Brockbank Lane Script Services
Supply Modern Sequence Scripts
Churchfield Dance Services
Supply Modern Sequence Dance Scripts
Brockbank Lane Scripts Churchfield Scripts

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