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Life is a Dance Reading Sequence Scripts

The Popular, Easy and Social dance scripts here on Sequence Scripts Co UK have been prepared and adapted from various sources, including handwritten notes, typed copies, observation, and dancing of the dances. They've been adapted to be more usable by Social dancers by expanding and standardising the descriptions to include more deatils than are often given on printed versions which assume a higher standard of dance knowledge such as that possessed by Professional Dance Teachers and Leaders.

I've tried to standardise the details by listing them in a straighforward order. First off, the Man's part of the dance, followed by the (Lady's part in Italics). Inside of each of the parts, I tell you which foot to move [Left or Right], the direction(s) to move, the result - if there is one, changes in hold if any, and any additional help [is given in a contrast color] where it might help.

Note that this is a process that's ongoing - although some of the scripts here just now are basic and don't carry the extra details yet, I'm working through them trying to make them easier for folks to use who don't have a lot of dance experience or knowledge.

Where a page is still basic, that's just because I have to load up the notes I have into the framework first, and then go through the page line by line to add in the extra details for you and add in any other thoughts I may have that would help you get things right. If you are a Professional Dance Leader or Teacher, you may feel some of this detail is not needed, but the idea of this website is to help those who don't have the extra knowledge or expereince that you hold, and maybe can't attend a lot of dance sessions to get things right. Wher I've found a good YouTube or other clip showing the dance, I've added a link to help uyo also. Please enjoy the site, and visit again, hopefully it will continue to grow with help and advice.

Headings Only

Headings Only are the BLUE PRINTED CAPITAL Headings at the top of each section of the dances, often used as a memory aid, especially by Leaders and those who know the dance but just need a reminder. Set up to Print out onto a 10x15 Record Card and fit a standard record card box.

Abbreviations Used in the Scripts can be seen HERE

More Information on Reading Scripts

If you're interested in a bit of heavier reading about Scripts, there's 34 pages of A4 size at

the yumpu resource

written by Jim Farmer, with his in depth interpretation of diagrams, general details, holds and so on. This you can download and print off from there in a PDF file to read at leisure. Jim also has various other serious guides to other aspects of dance, but really mainly of interest to those who would want to explore the theory side of things more.

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