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Printing Out Your Easy, Social and Popular Sequence Dance Scripts

Select the dance you wish to print from the listing on the Scripts List. All of the dances are in an HTML
format, and will display on your screen in plain colours on a white background. To create your own Script Library, you can use the "PRINT THIS PAGE" button at the top right hand corner of each script. Then you simply follow the print instructions that come up for your printer.

If by any chance this doesn't work, and you are using the Mozilla Web Browser, click onto "File" at the top left hand corner of your screen, then select "Print Preview" and then "Print".

Using the Opera Web Browser, use the "Print" button on the top toolbar and follow the instructions from there.

Using Internet Explorer, follow the same route as in Mozilla. Other browseres follow the same kind of routes to Print.

Next steps may vary according to your printer and it's software, but you should be able to print an
A4 size sheet directly, althought you may have to print "Odd" and "Even" sides to get the script to print
out on the two sides of the sheet! Take the time to investigate further and try printing using something like
a "2 up" format, this should give you two pages side by side on a sheet of A4 which you can then fold
or trim and punch to fit an A5 ring binder.

If your printer allows you to go for "4 up", this comes down to A6 size to make a pocket sized folder for
really handy carrying. Finding an A6 ring binder is tricky, but if you look around, there are A4 size
binders with plastic edges that can be easily cut using household scissors, and these can be
trimmed down to an A6 size to fit a smaller space, but remember the size of print goes down. as
well, making it harder to read the actual directions on the scripts.

So A4 is easy to read, but you need to print both sides, A5 can usually be printed onto one sheet of A4 paper, and "4-up" comes down to A6, but is harder to read. The choice is yours.

Android Tablets and Phones

I've been told that the "FULL SCRIPT PAGES" don't display well in Android driven Tablets, PC's and Phones. This may be due to the very heavy use of TABLES to format the scripts. There are two easy things to try, either refresh the page in a few seconds when it stops displaying, or g-turn the tablet so that the display changes to the upright page and turn it back again. This works with Phones and Tablets, tried by my grandkids and reported back. ( It's a bit too much more for me, I can only go by their advice on this stuff )

Note also that you may find you can only Print using a printer "dedicated" to the Android device in use ar use an "Android APP" which allows use of a general printer.


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