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Sequence Dance Script Template : Joan Baille : 2011

This is the Template I use to prepare scripts for the webssite. I've been asked how I do this, and stated simply I use the template you find here and print out a copy. My next task is to scribble out what I know in longhand onto the template (often in pencil rather than ink) then go over the script making corrections till I feel it's all correct, and then add any extra notes and transfer the completed script to the template on the computer before it gets loaded up onto the internet.

It's perhaps not the easiest method, but it does mean I can take a script somewhere to compare and check what I'm writing against what I see being danced. I suppose you could also use the template to note down new dances in much the same way for those who attend the Competitions.

I dont have it a "Headings Only" for this, just the "Full Script" blank version for you to print out. The "Full Script" you can print in different sizes - see Printing Tips for help with this.

Extra Information

This blank template is laid out as a 4/4 - - that is, four sections of four bars and each bar with space for four steps. I've found this to work for both 2/4 dances and 4/4 dances as well as 3/4 dances simply by only using the blank lines as required. When the template information is transferred to the website, the blank lines (steps in bars) are eliminated as necessary. The template is available here for you to use as you may need, to write down that tatty old falling apart script, or use the template to prepare a version on your home computer, or even to present a script for your class - whatever. Enjoy!

Full Script Template

NOTE:- Because this template is intended to be used as a frame for hand written notes, it prints out to a size to accept same, and occupies up to three pages in A4 paper.


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