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Waltz Marie

One of the popular Social, Easy Sequence Dance waltzes worldwide, it's just so well loved, it's even been claimed that Waltz Marie may be the most popular sequence dance of all time. . .

I have it as "Headings Only" and also as a "Full Script", print out whichever suits you best. The "Headings" will print onto a Standard record card to go into a File Card box. The "Full Script" you can print in different sizes - see Printing Tips for help with this.

Regional Variations

Note:- As this dance is now somewhere around ninety year-old this year, and wasn't fully scripted for maybe the first ten years of it's life, there's bound to be variations, I've described what I see as the most popular script, your mileage may vary - - but let me know if you have substantial variations!

A solo turn in Bars 11 and 12 instead of the Lady dancing an allemade turn is often seen. The Reverse Turn of Bars 1 to 4 may be danced with different amounts of turn ~ ~ see alignments in full script for details.

Headings Only

Full Script { incomplete }*


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