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Sequence Dance Holds and Other Stuff

Some of the sequence dances on this website are very old Classical Sequence Dances, what used to be known as Old Time, or Old Tyme even. This means you may not know much about the Holds used where they are different from the normal Ballroom or Latin Dance holds you are used to. If you'd like a fuller explanation than I'm giving here, look out for a book called simply "Sequence Dancing" by Michael Gwynnne. Although now maybe nearly 50 years old, this book covers the foot positions and the basic holds in some detail, and is still a valid reference for those interested in mastering the basics of Old Time Sequence Dance.

A quick search on ebay and Amazon whilst writing this page and I see copies from around #3.00 UK (five AUS or US dollars) or less in good second owner condition.

Man's Hand on Hip

Where indicated on a script, the Man's hand is placed on the Hip with the fingers closed and pointing forward, and usually slightly downwards. The Thumb is open and placed so as to be pointing back. AVOID CLENCHING THE FIST. Gents might try to imagine a "forwards hipster" type pocket on the trousers and the action of slipping the forward fingers into that pocket if that helps. Hand on Hip is used in both Social and serious or competitive level Old Time Classical Sequence Dances.

Lady Picking up Skirt

At one time it was common that the Lady would pick up the skirt when in Open Hold no matter if dancing at either a Social or Competition level. This was easy when the skirts contained a lot of material, however with changes in dress style and the lesser amount of material in "normal" dress, this has largely died out in Social Sequence dances. Nothing looks worse than trying to hold a skirt which does not have enough material to permit a graceful and natural movement. Using the skirt now occurs mainly when attending a Grand Ball type of event, or in competition, but even there many dress styles have "floaters" attached to the Lady's wrists and forearms which give something of the same appearance.

If you wish to master "picking up" the skirt, you should practice using a mirror and take the skirt between fingers and thumb around hip level. Run the material through the thumb and fingers as you extend the arm, hand and fingers outwards gracefully, ending with the skirt draped from the fingers. Remember this should be done in time with the dance also, and practised to both left and right, as many dances in open hold have figures danced both down and against Line of Dance, meaning you may need to change hands depending on the direction of the dance


Scripts not listed

If you have any old Sequence Scripts for Easy, Popular or Social Dances, not listed here, they'll always be welcome. Send them as an attachment or a scan, or type them out in an e-mail, then I can add them to the web pages for other users.

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Use the same address for any requests for older social dances I don't have listed and I'll show them below as being Dances Wanted, perhaps someone may have a script to help you, me, and others.

Dances Wanted

Dances currently requested are "Flirtation Two Step", Edinburgh Mix" and "Cuckoo Waltz". If you have a scripting or notes for these, use the email above to send me a copy or headings please?

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