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Hesitation Waltz: Arrangers Unknown (generally credited as Vernon and Irene Castle) Date: ca 1910's

The origins of this dance are generally credited to the Castle's, however, many variations now exist based on their original work and by other arrangers. I've scripted this from notes and sight of this dance in a purely Social setting, if you have a different variation, let me know and I'll upodate the records here for others. On a dance now around 100 years old, I doubt there's a right or wrong script anywhere, and any and all variations are probably acceptable.

A popular Social, Easy Sequence waltz worldwide, and very well loved. Note that there are a number of variations of this dance, in 16 bar versions, and additionally there may well be a full 32 bar version which contains many elements of the 16 bar variations. The Social version is not necessarily the same dance as described in early "Official Board" books, although, AGAIN, SOME ELEMENTS ARE THE SAME, and it is (the Official Board version) 32 bars in length.

I have it as "Headings Only" and also as a "Full Script", print out whichever suits you best. The "Headings" will print onto a Standard record card to go into a File Card box. The "Full Script" you can print in different sizes - see Printing Tips for help with this.

Regional Variations

Note:- Variation I (16 bars)

The first four bars shown here ( Forward Walks and Balancé ) are turned 1/4 turn to the left each time so that you start facing down and also end facing down LOD.

Variation II (16 bars)

The forward Walks and Balancé are replaced entirely by "Step and Points" commencing LF and Point, RF and Point, LF and Point, RF and Point for the first four bars.

Variation III (32 bars) I have been told of, but nevre seen danced, a version where bars 17 and 18 consist of "Step and Poinmts" LF and RF, followed by bars 19 and 20 being Forward Walks and Balancé, which ends facing against LOD after turning a 1/4 turn to the left on each balancé. This is then danced as a repeat against LOD to end facing down LOD again at end of bar 24. I have no idea whatosever follows this, if anyone has a script or notes as to the rest of this 32 bar version, please let me know and I'll fill in the blanks and place the 32 bar version on record for download.

Headings Only

Full Script


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