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Harry Lime Foxtrot : Henry Clarke : 1949

One of the older Social, Easy Sequence Dance dances worldwide, the Harry Lime Foxtrot uses the "Third Man Theme" from the very popular Movie of the same name, also dated 1949. The theme music was originally played on a Zither, and has a very distinctive sound. An early script has ensured that variations have been minimal, however, the dance only really works well when danced to the original tune. I've only been able to find one track in sequence using the original music, unfortuneately, I have no idea whatsoever who the organist is - perhaps from the general sound, Philip Randles - as I was given a cassette tape some years ago which did not name the organist involved. If you know or have this perhaps you'd let me know and I'll pass the information on to help others.

Normal Ballroom Foxtrot technique is not applied much where I've seen it danced.

I have it as "Headings Only" and also as a "Full Script", print out whichever suits you best. The "Headings" will print onto a Standard record card to go into a File Card box. The "Full Script" you can print in different sizes - see Printing Tips for help with this.

Regional Variations

None noted.

Headings Only *

Full Script NEW!

Cooinbda 2009 as a Party dance


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