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Emmerdale Waltz : W.J Crook : Date Unknown

The Emmerdale Waltz is a lovely old dance when danced correctly, very popular amongst social, easy and popular sequence dancers. It's sometimes taught by Ballroom teachers as an introduction to Sequence Dancing. There are elements of Old Time Waltz, the separation into Double Hold during the Hover Section, but it's normally danced to a standard Modern Waltz speed at 28/30 bpm. Sometimes listed or announced as "Ennerdale", but the same dance.

I have thuis script as "Headings Only" and also as a "Full Script", print out whichever suits you best. The "Headings" should print onto a Standard record card to go into a File Card box. The "Full Script" you can print in different sizes - see Printing Tips for help with this.

Regional Variations

Note:- None Noted

Headings Only

Full Script

Emmerdale Waltz - Christchurch Ballroom Dance Club Members


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