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Email me at Sequence Scri[pts Co UK

If you have any old Sequence Scripts for Easy, Popular or Social Dances, they'll always be welcome. Send them as an attachment or a scan, or type them out, then I can add them to the web pages for other users.

* From 28th September 2013 I will only be checking e-mail occasionally again due to other commitments. Please be patient if you expect a reply of any kind.

Note also this is a NEW e-mail address to allow access whilst travelling, please amend any records you have ACCORDINGLY. Thanks!

e-mail us at our new mobile e-mail address

Contact Joan Using this link for any requests for older social dances I don't have listed and I'll show them below as being Dances Wanted, perhaps someone may have a script to help you, me, and others.

Dances Wanted

Dances currently being worked on are "Lomond Waltz" whilst the "Cuckoo Waltz" is still requested but under construction. If you have a scripting or notes for these, use the email above to send me a copy or headings please?

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