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Desmond Blues Sequence Dance Script : Arranger Unknown : Date Unknown

The Desmond Blues is an early dance, also known as the Jasmine Blues, and the Jasmin Blues. I suspect the other two names (Jasmine and Jasmin) may simply be the result of mis-pronounciation or mis-hearings in announcing the dance over the years. Essentially they all seem to be very much the same dance, with minor variations.

It's perhaps not the most popular of Blues, but is relatively easy tio learn and dance, and certainly worthy of a place in any Social Sequence Dance Porgramme.

I dont have it currently as a "Headings Only", just the "Full Script" version for you to print out. The "Full Script" you can print in different sizes - see Printing Tips for help with this.

Extra Information

This version was prepared by Joan Baille from personal notes and observation of the dance. If you have more information, or a correction to the script, please let me know, whatever. Enjoy!

JUNE 2015:- I've corrected/updated (whichever you prefer) the Full Script to reflect what I see being danced at the majority of venues. Mostly this is in the initial four bars where you will see some dancing two walks and a side chassé whilst others dance a side chassé followed by the two walks in and out . Overall, it doesn't make too much difference, and it would be easy enough to adapt your steps to suit the loacl variations, HOWEVER, the current offering would appear to be the most popular and most often danced variation!

Full Script Desmond Blues


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