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You've caught me out, and I'm embarassed

This website was picked up very early by Google, and you've arrived at one of the pages that's not ready yet. I'm guessing that's because Social, Easy and Popular Sequence and FREE shows up quickly in the searches folks are making.
I've decide to add an ASTERISK * to scripts on the Scripts List that aren't quite ready for the internet yet, and these pagwes will all come here just now, till they are gradually added. Each time I add a fresh NEW script or a Heading's Only page, I'll take the asterisk off to make it easier for you.

If you have any old Sequence Scripts for Easy, Popular or Social Dances, they'll always be welcome. Send them as an attachment or a scan, or type them out, then I can add them to the web pages for other users.

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Use the same address for any requests for older social dances I don't have listed and I'll show them below as being Dances Wanted, perhaps someone may have a script to help you, me, and others.

Dances Wanted

Dances currently requested are "Edinburgh Mix", "Desmond Blues". If you have a scripting or notes for these, use the email above to send me a copy or headings please?

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