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Abbreviations used in Sequence Dance Scripts

To read Easy, Social and Popular Sequence Dance Scripts, it's a help if you know the abbreviations or shorthand used to make the script shorter to write.

I have this table here with some of the most often used ones for you. It's not complete, but it should help you to make some sense out of any scripts you dowenload or come across.

Normally, the Man's steps or movements are listed first - so when you see "LH to RH Hold" - then that means the Man takes the Lady's RH in his Left Hand. I'll add some more to this listing as I come across them.

AbbreviationMeaning In Full
L Left
LFLeft Foot
RFRight Foot
LHLeft Hand
RH Right Hand
LODLine of Dance
ALOD, agstLODAgainst Line of Dance
DW Diagonal Wall
DC Diagonal Centre
fwd(s) forward(s)
OPOutside Partner
PO Partner Outside
PP Promenade Position
CPP Counter Promenade Position 
Q Quick
S Slow
ww without weight
H Heel
T Toe
B Ball
IEB Inside Edge Ball (of foot) 
comm commence(ing)
cont continue(ing)


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